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Musketeers is the national championship junior synchronized skating team of Helsingin Luistelijat ry club. The club is based in Helsinki, Finland.
We are Musketeers 2022-2023

The team is one of the most accomplished junior synchronized skating team in the world. It won first Junior World Championships in spring 2013 and second Junior World Championships in spring 2015.  It has won both Junior World Challenge Cup (JWCC) and national championship four times in a row (2003-2006). There are also altogether eleven Finnish Championships, additional two silver medals and six bronze medals from JWCC and multiple other international victories. Additional information can be found from the ”Historia”. Photos can be found in section ”Valokuvia” (Photos in English).

Musketeers is energetic and nonsmoking team of young ladies. Ages are ranging from 14 to 19. Results are achieved with hard work, high spirit and attitude and every team member putting skin in the game. That is why the team motto is “One for all and all for one”.

Themes for season 2019-2020

Musketeers Short program: ”Scorpion Attack”

Scorpions are an intimidating group of animalsMusketeers Short team+coach 19-20 and champions of survival. With pincers on the front, and a stinger on the back, scorpions are all business at both ends.

Musketeers Free pose+coach 19-20Musketeers Free program: ”Metamorphosis”

What will brake out form the cocoon and what will it eventually turn into? A profound change in form, from one stage to the next. Growing wings and flying high, soaring to new heights. Transforming from something tiny and small into something beautiful, powerful and remarkable.

Themes for season 2017-2018

Musketeers Short program: “Kurios – Use your imagination”

We open the Musketeers 17-18 Short program, free pose -with coachescurtains and step into a strange, miraculous world where imagination is the only limit. So be curious and unleash your imagination! The Kurios show, created by the famous Canadian acrobatic circus Cirque du Soleil, is a fast-paced and strangely odd one. That’s what all Cirque du Soleil shows are.

Musketeers Free program: “Voodoo Dolls”

Musketeers 17-18 Free program -with coaches

Something magical and mystical. Into the world of black magic we go as voodoo dolls. What happens when a voodoo doll ends up in the wrong hands? From curiosity maybe, you start to try out the possibilities brought about by voodoo, and you notice the influence of your power. Testing boundaries and being overwhelmed by the power, your voodoo becomes increasingly violent. After you realize the consequences of your violent spells, you want to find out if this is the only force that voodoo is capable of. You cherish the doll for a while instead of cursing it, until everything changes. Spiritually battling against black magic. Can voodoo be controlled or does it control you?

Themes for season 2016-2017

Short program: ”The Sunbeam and the Troll”

musketeers-16-17-short-teamcoaches_2The Sunbeam and the Troll song describes an impossible love. It is a story of two different creatures, one who lives during the night and in darkness, while the other one can only live and shine in the daylight. Their paths momentarily cross. Something new and so different attracts, but soon they realize that due to their differences, it is impossible for them to be together.

The great jubilee year of 2017 in mind when we celebrate 100 years of Finland’s independence. Therefore something domestic and in the Finnish language.
One child is lives in the light, the loves the night… This is the beloved composition of Reino Helismaa: The Sunbeam and the Troll.

Free program: ”The Ice Queens”

musketeers-16-17-free-teamcoaches_vapaa_nettikokoThe Ice Queen mourns the death of her child and freezes her heart from the pain. Her anger builds an icy kingdom, where there is no room for love. She assembles an army to protect herself and her kingdom. However, the spark of love finds its way into the icy kingdom, reminding her of the loss of a child and love. The peace in the kingdom is shattered when the fraud of her sister is revealed.  The Ice Queen does not spare her powers. It remains to be seen who eventually rules the kingdom…

Themes for season 2015-2016

Short program: Dance Now!” 


The program is based on the familiar and catchy hit song from the end of 90s. This rhythmic and upbeat presentation will take you away and entice the audience to dance. Expect a fast speed and energetic pace.

Free program: “The Return of the Musketeers”

img_1171It has been 20 years since the team was established. Now it’s time to celebrate the milestone and bring who else but the Musketeers back on the ice again.
Musketeers, those faithful servants of the King of France, fighting together for justice ‘til the end. Under the motto: One for all, all for one.
This is now the 20thseason for this team to compete. The team that was established in the spring of 1996 skated an especially suitable and memorable program, winning the JWCC at the Helsinki ice rink just about 10 years ago. At that time, it was the fourth consecutive Junior World Challenge Cup title. So, in honor of the 20-year journey, the Musketeers return to the ice.

Themes for season 2014-2015

Short Program: “Enchanted by Evil”

Musketeers 2014-2015_lyhyt
© Tomas Whitehouse

Well, well – the evil is back. Here is once again another Disney villain.

Everyone is familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty and the evil Maleficent. This program will tell their tale. It is the christening day of the king’s daughter. Maleficent, the evil witch, had not been invited to the party. So, she curses the princess to touch the spindle of a spinning wheel and die on her 16th birthday. However, the good fairies manage to change the curse so that the princess will only fall into a deep sleep from which only a true love’s kiss can wake her. It is Sleeping Beauty’s birthday and time for the celebration. But also Maleficent is also there to use her magic and put the princess under her spell…

Free Program: “The Hunger Games”

Musketeers 2014-2015_vapaa
© Tomas Whitehouse

Once again it is time for a new Hunger Game.We live in the future. In North America, there is a Capitol built up from the ruins. It holds an annual cruel reality television event called “The Hunger Games” in which 26 participants, the “tributes”, are selected by lottery to play and fight for their lives. Even during this dangerous game, some of the participants are lucky to experience the flame of love.
Are you ready to follow this breathtaking battle? These warriors are ready to fight on behalf of themselves and their loved ones. To win, you must be the only survivor. Losing means certain death.

Themes for season 2013-2014

Short Program: “Spice it”

Musketeers short 13-14 only team
© Tomas Whitehouse

Travel back in time with us to the 90s where girl power ruled. There is a lot of speed, sparkle and positive energy, without forgetting a touch of glitter! Wake up your inner spice girl and let’s have some fun. Spice up your life!

Free Program: “Medusa”

Musketeers free 13-14
© Tomas Whitehouse

Our story tells of an ancient Greek mythical creature, Medusa, who was a beautiful young woman with a curse sentenced upon her by the gods. The curse turned Medusa’s hair into snakes and her look to a deadly gaze. Medusa seduces her victims by trying to make eye contact with them, and her gaze turns the victim to stone.

Themes for season 2012-2013

Short Program:”We’ve got rhythm”


Welcome to enjoy this rhythmic tap dance show. Let your feet tap to the beat of this music and allow the rhythm to take over. Who could ask for anything more?

Free Porogram: ”Evil Queen”


This is not a story of Snow White, but about me, The Queen.” Once upon a time in a faraway land, the Queen was the most beautiful of them all. But there was one obstacle, her beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White. One day, the magical mirror tells the horrified Queens that Snow White is now the most beautiful one in the country. The Queen wants to destroy her using any means and when nothing else seems to work, she decides to offer her a poisoned apple. Just one bite and all your dreams will come true…

Themes for season 2011-2012

Short Program: ”Join the family business”


The story goes on … It wasn’t over yet… The story of Frankenstein continues from where left off last season. Last year’s free program has become the new Musketeers short program. Meet the family stronger than ever and join us. This time, the Romanian dance rhythms swirl you into the monster family business. Come and meet your family!

Free Program: ”Road to Eldorado”


Eldorado, the queen of cities. Only a select few ever get there and are able to see the city of endless treasures and golden glow. The journey to the golden city is long and full of obstacles. But the arrival there is worth all the work. Eldorado awaits you with all its richness and its gods, who frolic in the golden glitter of the sunset. Once you see it, you’ll never want to be anywhere else. This place is a paradise wisely hidden, and this team is determined to find it.

Themes for season 2010-2011

Short Program: ”Disco”


Join us when we travel back in time to the 70’s. Fun dance program that can include audience participatio Feel the beat when we dance and shine under a disco ball.These catchy hits and the humorous image of a certain band created a phenomenon that is still very well known

Free Program: ”Frankenstyle”


IT’S ALIVE! A wickedly inspired re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend based on Mel Brooks’ classic comedy masterpiece. He’s loose!

Themes for season 2009-2010

Short Program: ”Farm Girls”


A Funny program about the farm girls who start the long day at the farm at dawn by milking the cows… Moo, moo… The farm girls braid their hair and then they are ready for their morning milking. After arriving the girls notice that Daisy cow has gone missing. They start to look for their beloved Daisy, but luckily she was only behind the barn. In the joy of finding the missing cow a barn dance is organized, where the feeling gets wild. It’s already late and the girls must hurry to their evening chores. Just a couple more shovels and the day is done.

Free Program: ”Kiss of the Spider Woman”


A Story about a woman named Aurora, a spider woman, who like a spider lures her victim and ensnares them. The fatal seduction leads up to a deathly kiss.

Kiss of the spider woman is a musical that tells the story of a prisoner who lives in a fantasy world to flee the prison life. His fantasies turn mostly around movies, particularly around a vampy diva, Aurora. He loves her in all her roles, but one scares him: The role of the spider woman, who will kill with her fatal kiss.

Themes for season 2008-2009

Short program: ”Rock that Classic”


Pachelbel’s Canon is a famous classical piece. It was written around 1680, during the Baroque period. A Taiwanese rock-artist brings this piece to the modern day with hiswild guitar solos. The program is lyric as a whole, spiced up with some rock-attitude, yet never forgetting the sentimental classical origin of the piece. Rock on!

Free program: ”Temptation Island – Sirens”


On a far away island, sirens wake up to a new day. They enjoy the warmth of the morning sun until a boat full of muscular seamen comes into sight. The sirens try to lure the sailors with every power and trick they have. Their seductive and enchanting song is heard and the sailors can’t resist them For a moment the sirens lose their concentration and the seamen almost get away. With rage the women create a big storm and with determination they start to chase the men. Eventually the sirens manage to mesmerise the sailors and the men sink into the deep blue of the sea.

Themes for season 2007-2008

Short program ”What a Wonderful World”


”What a Wonderful World” song details the delight in the simple enjoyment of everyday life. The song also has a hopeful, optimistic tone with regard to the future and having much to which to look forward. …And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…

Free program “Quest for Camelot”


The movie is about a young girl named Kayley who wants to be a knight of the Round Table in Camelot like her father was before he got killed. The girl is determined to find the magical Excalibur sword that has been stolen from King Arthur. During that adventurous journey, the quest to find Excalibur, she also finds her first love.

The Irish spirited program is from the era of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. So it suits well for our Musketeers.

Themes for season 2006-2007

Short program “Cars”


Buckle up your seatbelt, check the rear-view mirror and then, pedal to the metal! The journey along the Route 66 is ready to begin. After getting some miles on that vehicle, it needs some tuning and waxing. At the fix shop the Rock ’n’ Roll is playing and you can even see the cars moving their suspension. Cars cruise on Route 66. As the scenery changes and the drivers speed up. Finally all the drivers reach their destination and the flag is waved to mark the journey ending.

Free program “Corpse Bride”


Director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman have made together this dark and romantic animated film that tells the story of a bride that has been waiting for her true love to arrive for a long time. The wish for this desperate bride comes true when a man arrives in the woods and is repeating his wedding vows. The bride has more or less patiently waited for her true love to arrive ever since she died… So she sees an opportunity and isn’t willing to let her love go. She drags him to the underworld where skeletons and other creatures of the underworld are ready to welcome the new addition to their big and lively family. The groom is desperately trying to escape, but this couple is destined to stay together till the day they die…

The film tells the touching story of a romantic triangle between the nervous Victor, the downtrodden Victoria, and the Corpse Bride herself, Emily. Victoria’s parents only want her married so they can get to Victor’s money, while Victor himself doesn’t seem ready for marriage. When Victor goes into the woods to practice his vows and inadvertently proposes to the Corpse Bride, he finds himself whisked away with her to the land of the dead. Victor is terrified at first and just wants to escape. The land of the living and the dead come together. The love triangle comes to a resolution. “Till death us do part”…

Themes for season 2005-2006

Short program “Robots”


This program takes us into unique worlds of fantasy. We live in a mechanical, robotic world where machines have human qualities. These Robots would rather improve themselves with spare parts instead of upgrades. They want to be their unique selves, accepting others for what they are. They are all special and happy about it. They maybe a little broken, a bit rusty and worn over time, but with little tuning and new spare parts they run again, as good as new. At least until the next short circuit…

Free program “Musketeers”


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Musketeers junior team, what would be a better theme than “The Musketeers”, the story about great friends and heroes. These King’s elite fighting force fight for the honour of their country and for the safety of their King. Dazzling sword fights, action, romance and victorious battles. Powered by teamwork and friendship they soon learn that they can accomplish anything if they work together. One for All and All for One.

This theme is to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of our junior team. The only possible theme would be the Musketeers.

Themes for season 2004-2005

Short Program “The Spanish dance”

This is the fierce dance of beautiful Spanish senoritas with souls of fire. With castanets providing the rhythm they fly through the performance with confidence and elegance, but still with a playful twinkle in their eyes.

Free Program “The Circus”


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the circus! We start our show with the hilarious clowns who are followed by the delicate tightrope walkers, light as feathers. Next, be sure to hold on to your seat as the trapeze artists take the stage. Suddenly there’s a change in the ambiance as the enchanting and mystical snake charmers enter the spotlights. The show comes to a spectacular conclusion as a wedge of white doves appear from the magician’s top-hat and the clowns take the stage once more.”

Themes for season 2003-2004

Short program “Anastasia”

Princess Anastasia reminisces about the glorious days of her family’s life in a Russian palace.

Free program “Catwoman”

Catwoman puts on her gloves and mask as she prepares for a battle with Batman. Even she herself doesn’t know whether she is good or bad. There will be a lot of excitement, seduction, sexy curves and battle during the night in Gotham City.

Catwoman; she’s a woman who becomes a cat, but doesn´t really know if she is good or bad, and has a love-hate relationship with Batman. So sometimes she purrs like a little kitty, sometimes she shows her sharp claws and isn’t afraid to use them. She has her own special assets and isn’t ashamed to use them to distract Batman and lure him away.

Themes for season 2002-2003

Short program “Las Vegas”

It’s evening and the bright lights of Las Vegas light up the city. People are spending money at the casinos. Everybody is praying for lady luck to smile at them tonight. The bartender spills the drink when he sees a group of cool chicks walking in. They are ready to gamble and have fun. The roulette table catches their attention. Everybody is having a blast. There is yet another lucky winner, when somebody yells “Jackpot!”

Free program “Tinker Bell”

She is fun, she is feisty and she can fly, she can fly! Many things are possible with faith, trust …and a little pixie dust! When a sunbeam touches a flower, the petals open up and inside we find Tinker Bell waking up. Tink and her friends spread their wings and fly away to enjoy the beautiful day. Bright and sprightly, yet a little devilish and prankish, Tink has yet another day full of adventures to experience in the Never Never Land.

Themes for season 2001-2002

Short program ”Orient Swing”

Free program ”Wizards”

Themes for season 2000-2001

Short program A collection of well-known Italian songs.

Free program “Gladiators”

The gladiators fight for their lives in the Colosseum. It´s a story about love, death, passion, violence and bloody fighting.

Themes for season 1999-2000

Short program “Cancan”

We´re at the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris… so it has to be the cancan. High kicks and ruffled skirts are typical for this lively dance. Music is fast and so is the program. You´ll hear a medley of most of the famous cancans in this Moulin Rouge grand-finale number.

Free program “It´s a bug´s life”

The music is from the motion picture `Anz´, but the theme for this program is a bug´s life. We take you into the world of colourful and amazing bugs. They work hard, but also find time to relax and have fun together. “Was a bug, little bug, hardly there. Then he grew. He knew in order to succeed they´d have to work together. That way they´d have the strength they´d need to get through stormy weather. It´s the time of your life, so live it well…”

Themes for season 1998-1999

Short program “Carneval de Paris”

This was one of the hit songs everybody heard on radio and TV last summer. The song was composed to cheer up the Brazilian soccer team at the World Championships. That is why the skating dresses are yellow and green, like the colours of the Brazilian flag.

Free program “La Bayadere ballet“

For the past couple of years the Musketeers have been doing slightly strange free programs. The themes have been inspired by the films Edward the Scissorhands and Volcano. This year I wanted the girls to do something nice and classical. I needed to find some really good ballet music. Most of the best ballet music has been used already, so I ended up choosing the music from Le Bayadere, which was running at the Finnish National Opera last year. It´s a story about the world of Indian temple dancers. The composer of the music is Ludwig Minkus.   The opening greeting performed by the girls at the very beginning of the program is straight from the ballet and it shows how the dancer´s mind and heart are open to yours.

Themes for season 1997-1998

Short program “Gone With the Wind”

Beautiful classical Gone With the Wind, but not throughout the whole program. After the beginning you´ll hear a modern version of this familiar piece of music.

Free program “Volcano”

The movies Dante´s Peak and Volcano have made the volcano an issue of current interest. The program starts with a volcano formation that erupts. The lava flows everywhere. After the eruption the volcano calms down and the girls finish the program with another volcano formation.